Kuangyue Technology Company Profile
We Steel Your Trust
Kuangyue Technology (Linyi) Co., Ltd. (MACH) was founded in 2004 by Taiwan Kuangyue Technology Company with production base in Feixian Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province. We have a complete R&D department with our lab, strict control our processes from raw materials, casting, extrusion, deep processing to make sure our quality be steel clients trust.

The company mainly produces magnesium, aluminium, zinc sacrificial anodes and a series of magnesium and aluminium alloy products for both maritime and terrestrial environmentuse. The technology focus on the two cores of resource saving and environmental protection, providing customers with comprehensive solutions, and has becoming the best partner of petrochemical, livelihood and green energy anti-corrosion industries.
The product and technology development of the company includes:
Various grades of anti-corrosion and cathodic protection materials for oil, water, gas and electricity industry, anticorrosion products of aluminum and zinc anodes for maritime ships, offshore engineering, wind power foundation, and "ICCP" system with more clean energy efficiency; magnesium and aluminum anodes for hot water heater tank; Patented Impurity Detection Machine of Magnesium or Aluminum Materials to detect the inclusion contains before casting.

Conversion of magnesium anode electrical efficiency into "fuel cell" products; recycling magnesium waste residue to make hydrogen; research and development of magnesium-based hydrogen storage materials MgH; magnesium-based thermoelectric materials; using carbon dioxide for magnesium product surface treatment; using 3D printing PLA to coat high purity magnesium bone nail; innovation of ship ballast water treatment technology. Four invention patents and 13 utility model patents have been obtained, and innovative efforts have been made in independent research and development, intellectual property and international certification.